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Scrunch does everything in house, at no extra cost.

Conceptualize - We'll work with you on creating the concept of your video. With a background in viral content, we can offer unique ideas and sequences for the story you want to tell. 

Shoot - We work with top of the line HD cameras, lighting, and sound equipment. We pride ourselves on working quickly to get the best shots while keeping our clients at ease. Even those who don't like being on camera, don't worry, we'll make you look amazing.

Edit - This is where the real magic happens. Our videos are catchy and engaging because of our viral editing style. We will make your story pop.

Score - We know how to bring the most out of our stories through sound, and will set your video to a catchy song to hook viewers even more.

Deliver - At the end of the short process you will have a 1080p HD video that you can embed in your website, social media, or youtube page. We'll even give you a 15 sec. clip to post on your Instagram account.


Company Branded Content


From highlighting a specific product, to a behind-the-scenes peek, to a general introduction to your company, we can tell your story through an engaging 1-3 minute video. We will include specialty shots like time-lapse, slo-mo, or dolly moves to make the visuals pop.


With a mix of interview footage and dynamic action shots, we will showcase what makes your company uniquely you.




Grab the attention of potential investors with an engaging video that highlights what makes your project invaluable.


We will tell the story of your project through interview footage and action shots that culminate in an overall picture of who you are and why your project is important.



Have an idea or need something more specific? Like a How-To, a Before and After, or even a Youtube greeting? We can do it. Just give us a call. 

Narrative Branded Content


Some of today's most effective marketing is happening in viral videos, where companies or products are subtly placed in narrative sketches that aren't so obviously promotional.


With a background in sketch comedy, viral videos are in our wheelhouse. We can produce content that will be passed around on social media and viewed by consumers who may not otherwise be watching visiting your site, or watching conventional TV advertising.



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